Rifle Range Notice: The 1000 yard and covered firing lines are Temporarily Closed!  The firing  area to the side of the covered firing line is open.  Targets out to 350 yards that may be engaged from this location.

On 08/05/17 the Granby Board of Selectmen, acting as the Zoning Enforcement Officer, issued a Cease & Desist Order for use of our 1000 yard and covered firing lines. We have filed an appeal with the Granby ZBA and our appeal hearing date is 11/20/17.
Please consider donating to our legal defense fund. Thank you for your patience and support!!
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Our club needs your help! Please visit our Legal Defense page to learn about the challenges we are currently facing and how you can help.

Welcome to Granby Bow and Gun Club! The ONLY 1000+ yard rifle range in New England that is accessible to its members!

We are a bow and gun club that offers outdoor archery, indoor archery, several action pistol bays, and a 1000 yard rifle range.

85 Chicopee St, Granby, MA 01033

Rifle / Pistol Range Hours:
Monday-Saturday, 8:00am-Dusk
Sunday, 9:30am-Dusk
350 Yard Covered Firing Line:
Tuesday and Thursday, 8:00am-Dusk
Saturday, 1:00pm-Dusk
Sunday, 9:30am-1:00pm
1000 Yard Firing Line:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 8:00am-Dusk
Saturday, 8:00am-1:00pm
Sunday, 1:00pm-Dusk