Long Range Orientations

Long Range Orientations for use of 1000 yard range: ALL members wishing to shoot on the 1000 yard range MUST attend a Long Range Orientation.

All members that have attended our orientation will be able to shoot on the long range but must adhere to the posted long range scheduled days except for event days such as orientations.

1000 Yard Range Schedule (100-1025 yards):
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, (8a.m. to dusk), 
Saturday mornings (9a.m. to 1:00 p.m)., and Sunday afternoons (1:00 p.m. to dusk.)

Covered Range Schedule (100-350 yards)
Tuesday, Thursday, (8a.m. to dusk), Saturday afternoons (1:00 p.m. to dusk), and Sunday mornings (9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.)

Please NOTE: The covered area OR the 1000 yard range can be used at any time if no one is using the other range at that moment. If a member arrives to use the range during its scheduled use time, the “off day” shooter must stop shooting and allow the arriving member to shoot. The member that wants to use the range during its scheduled use time takes priority unless there is a special event taking place.

Orientation durations will depend on the number of shooters and the shooter’s skill level and knowledge. Orientations should be held on 1000 yard scheduled days/times and should not cut into the covered (350 yard) shooting schedule.

Please NOTE: Action pistol bays are NOT shut down on 1000 yard scheduled days unless stated otherwise or for special events.

Please print and read but DO NOT FILL OUT the orientation form located under the Rifle Ranges and then 1000 Yard Range tab in the top menu bar.

YOU MUST bring your membership badge, rifle, equipment, data books and DOPE charts needed to calculate a final firing solution for a 450+ yard shot up to 1000 yards and at least 20 rounds of your match grade or hand loaded ammunition (you may or may not be required to shoot/demonstrate your ability/knowledge). IRON SIGHT SHOOTERS are welcome but may be required to demonstrate they can impact a berm on their first shot, up to 600 yards (PALMA 1000 yards).

MEMBERS MUST Sign up via email (name, member number, date, and time) to rifle@granbybowandgun.club (Nick Weidhaas).

For future orientations, we will email members via mail-chimp.  Also, please follow us on Facebook or email us at rifle@granbybowandgun.club.