Downloadable Forms

Here are the the downloadable forms for Granby Bow and Gun Club, Inc. Simply click the green text to start the download.

  • Long Range Orientation Form                                                                                 All members who wish to shoot on the 1000 yard range, MUST attend our Long Range Orientation. To complete the long rang orientation you must:
    1. Print and thoroughly read this Long Range Orientation Form.
    2. You must bring your rifle capable of holding 1 moa with scope with repeatable elevation / windage turrets or adjustable iron sights. (Hunting rifle with standard hunting scope will generally not meet this requirement.  Email if you are unsure if your equipment meets our standards).
    3. You must bring all equipment, software, and data (DOPE) required to calculate a final firing solution for targets at given distances.  Rounds need to impact the berm if target is missed. You don’t have to hit the target.
    4. At least 20 rounds of your match grade or hand loaded ammunition that is capable of 1 MOA shot groups or better.  This ammunition MUST be chronographed for actual velocity from your rifle.
    5. You MUST bring your membership card to orientation in order to receive your approval long rang orientation stamp on you membership card.