Updated 11/2017

Hello Members:

Board of Director’s News – IMPORTANT – We need your help!

The Granby Board of Appeals will hold a postponed Public Hearing from October 23, 2017 on November 20, 2017 at the Granby Senior-Junior High School Cafeteria, 385 East State Street, Granby MA 01033. 6:30 PM- to consider the petition of Justin Raphaelson, Esq. on behalf of the Granby Bow and Gun Club Inc. seeking an appeal of the Board of Selectmen’s decision, acting as the Zoning Enforcement officer dated September 6, 2017 with regards to 85 Chicopee Street, known as Map 15 Parcels C3,4,5,6,7,9,20,11 and 12 in the Town of Granby, MA. In addition to the above hearing, the Board of Appeals intends to conduct a public meeting following said hearings as time permits.

Financial Support

The Board of Directors wanted to provide the membership with an update regarding the recent complaints and allegations that have been highlighted in several recent news articles.  We have met with the Granby Selectmen and other town representatives in an attempt to ensure them that we are just as concerned about neighbor complaints and the environment as anyone.  We strive to provide a safe and one of a kind shooting club in New England.  We have tried to be good neighbors, offering multiple solutions to concerns put forward by our neighbors.

We have retained an attorney who will represent the club when needed.  As most of us know, attorney’s fees are expensive and we have already incurred approximately $15000 in legal fees.   We expect more expenses in coming months.

We were hoping to not have to ask for your help, but after a review of the club’s anticipated income and expenses in the coming months, we will need it.   We hope to be able to work with the complainants, but have no intention of backing down or letting anyone shut us down.

If you are willing and able to help, we respectfully ask that you donate what you can afford toward the club’s legal expenses.  We may start a legal defense “gofundme” page, but are not sure if we can as gofundme is not gun friendly.   For now, if you can make a donation to our legal fund, please use our paypal email address gbgcpayment@gmail.com to make a donation.  We thank you in advance for anything you can do.  We will continue to keep you updated.

Other News

We need a club Treasurer.  Please consider taking on this position!!  We have a book keeper / accountant, but we need someone to monitor the club’s expenses, income, taxes, etc… If you have any financial background or have an interest in this position, PLEASE let us know.

Long Range Orientation

The next long range orientation is TBA based on our ZBA appeal.   Please review the requirements on our web page to complete the LRO.  You must chronograph your match ammo in YOUR rifle to get accurate ballistic solutions.  Don’t use the velocity on the box or off the internet.   You must bring a LRO form (downloaded from our website).  Email Nick at rifle@granbybowandgun.club to reserve your slot.  Limited to 15 members.

New Gate for 1000y Range

We will be installing a new gate at the bottom of the road that leads to the 1000y range.  Those who have completed the long range orientation will be given the lock code so they can access the range.  We have been told that members who have not completed the LRO and possibly non-members may be “sneaking” up to the 1000y line and shooting.  This is incredibly dangerous and we need to limit access to this area to those who have the proper equipment and knowledge to shoot on this range.

.22 Rimfire Matches

We plan to add material to extend the berms on the last pistol bay to make it a 50 yard rimfire rifle range where we can hold bench rest and other .22 rimfire rifle / pistol matches.   We believe that offering .22 matches will attract new shooters to include youth and members who would rather sit down and shoot.

We also plan on offering long range .22 precision rifle matches next year.  The format will be similar to the PRS style precision rifle matches we run now, but with .22 rimfire rifles.   Shooters will engage targets out to 300 yards from various positions and props.

Pistol Matches

UPSPSA matches are the 1st Sunday of the month.   These will stop for the winter and resume in the spring.

Watch our facebook page IDPA match announcements.

Archery News

We may have a member who is taking over the 3D archery.  I’m sorry, but I don’t have his name at this time.

2018 Memberships Are Now Available 

Please visit our membership page to purchase a new 2018 membership or renew your existing membership.

Thank you for your support..