Scout Rifle Match (03/16/19)



Scout Rifle Match

Saturday  March 16, 2019 at 9:00am at the Granby Bow & Gun Club, Granby, MA.


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Scout Rifle Match

Saturday March 16, 2019

Set up @ 7am, check in @ 8am and match starts at 9:00am. 

What is it?
This match is specifically designed for large caliber, manually operated rifles (MORs) or carbines that meet Jeff Cooper’s Scout Rifle criteria. Larger MORs and semi-automatic rifles and carbines that meet the Scout division caliber and at least 1 dimensional requirement may compete as well. Your favorite deer rifle and 4 boxes of cartridges will work just fine. You will need back up iron sights.

You can learn more about Jeff Copper’s seminal Scout Rifle concept here:

When is it?
Saturday, 16 March 2019 starting at 9:00 on the Rifle Range

What will I need?
2 Divisions

Scout – Any MOR 0.264 cal./120 gr bullet or heavier 1) max 8lb wt* 2) max 40” length*

Open – Any 0.264 cal/120 gr bullet or heavier rifle or carbine meeting (1) of the dimensional criteria

*Dimensions include all accessories (largest magazine, slings, bipods, etc.) used during the match.

Ammunition/calibers & supplemental equipment:

0.264 caliber and larger, 120 gr bullet minimum

No steel core/penetrator ammunition allowed

Optics/sights – any optic or open sights, no lasers – the last 2 stages will require the use of open sights, any optic must be disabled or removed.

Allowed equipment on all stages will be limited to some combination of a sling, a bipod, and a backpack.

How will it work?
8 Stages, COF 10 rd max, 5 rd/60 second strings, no on the clock reloads, Total round count = 80 rd

Scoring – 1 pt/hit on designated targets, highest score wins, no goofy carnival multi-point scoring targets – I promise

Various steel/reactive targets 2 MOA and larger, 100- 502 yards

Stages will require using ad-hoc supports (tires/backpacks/roof tops, berms, etc.), shooting positions (offhand, prone, kneeling) and negotiating obstacles.

Email Nick at with questions.