Rifle Events

Precision Rifle Matches

The GB&G Club has a Precision Rifle League.  We offer monthly PRS  (precision rifle series) type rifle matches for .22LR and centerfire rifles.  These are action precision rifle matches which require the competitor to engage steel and paper targets from various positions at various distances under time constraints.   Matches are comprised of stages or courses of fire (COF).  The shooter with the most hits after completing all the stages for wins.  NOTE:  These types of matches are new to New England and really the Northeast.  We ENCOURAGE NEW SHOOTERS to come check out the matches or email us with questions.  We will help you get going and answer any questions!

Questions?  Please contact us at the emails below.

                Nick: rifle@granbybowandgun.club

  When traveling to a match in MA, please be aware of MA Gun Laws.   

Travel Information – Visiting MA With A Firearm

We hope to see you at the range!!  Please email me with any questions.  Thanks for your support!!