Rifle Range


Rifle Range Schedule (100-500 yards):
8:00am – Dusk (Every Day)

Lower Covered and Elevated Shooting Lines:
Temporarily Closed Per Cease & Desist Order 

Members can shoot to the side of the covered line or from other safe shooting locations.

  • Members have access to targets ranging from 100-500 yards.
  • Offers benches and props, prone and positional shooting positions.
  • MUST post red flag when going down range to set targets.

Elevated Firing Line: (Closed per C&D).

  • Must attend orientation (see fb or calendar for posted dates).
  • Members have access to targets ranging from 100-1015 yards!

For future events and orientations, please follow us on Facebook and our club calendar: http://granbybowandgun.club/event-calendar/